Health Screening Packages

Corporate Screening

Knowing what’s happening to your existing body condition, can help one to identify work related health risks and fitness of the job requirement before commencement of employment. The Pre-Employment Health is catered towards potential employees to have a checkup on their current health. On the other hand, companies can choose to have this health screen as a `corporate health screen’ for their workforce. And it is particularly tailored to new recruits.

Foreign Student Screening

The Pre-University Health Screen has been specially designed for students entering varsity. Whether you are enrolling for universities at home or travelling overseas, it is a wise move to have preventive measures, as you may detect conditions that one might otherwise have been unaware of early and manages them promptly.

Pre-Employment Screening

There is a strong relationship between health and work efficiency. Busy working professionals know that when they feel good and energetic, they are likely to be more productive. So while you’re focused in your work, we will keep your health on track with our Employee / Executive Health Screen that is specially designed for busy professionals on the move. Remember, it pays to stay healthy while climbing the corporate ladder.

Pre-Marital Screening

Tying the knot and starting a family is a big milestone in one’s life journey. But if you have health problem, that could affect your partner and even your future offspring.

Besides giving you an indication of your general state of health, Pathlab’s Pre-Marital Health Screen tests can help identify potential health problems that are not detected by physical examination that could affect your offspring… when you eventually have them.

In short, Pathlab Premarital Screening will enable you to:

  • Assess your general health status
  • Discover any infectious disease that could affect your children e.g. HIV, Hepatitis B
  • Identify common hereditary conditions that may affect your children e.g. Thalassaemia
  • Evaluate a woman's readiness for child bearing e.g. Rubella, Blood group, Anemia

Health Screening Packages